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How much do you charge for an annual service?


We’re often asked this question as boat owners call marine businesses on the Mornington Peninsula in an attempt to get the most competitive pricing. During the call, we can tell you how much a service will cost for labour but while it’s common in the motor industry to offer fixed priced servicing – usually within a warranty period - in the marine industry, it’s not so simple.


Just like a motor vehicle, your boat should be serviced regardless of hours and although customers may say “it just needs a basic service”, there are a number of factors that can have an effect on the work required:


-          Has the boat been used regularly over the previous 12-month period?

-          If the boat hasn’t been used, has it been started every month?

-          Where is the boat stored when not in use?

-          How is it used - business, pleasure, fishing, wake-boarding etc.?

-          Are there any ongoing issues that have not been addressed during previous services?


What’s checked?


When serviced at R&M Marine Services, your engine/s will receive new fuel and oil filters, impeller kit, spark plugs, seals, gaskets, o-rings, anodes, change of oil & gear lube etc if applicable to your engine/s and if required. Parts used are genuine and charged at retail prices.


What happens if an issue is found?


It is our duty of care to advise you if we find any problems with your vessel during the course of your service, and while it may sometimes seem a long list, your safety on the water will always be our main priority. But you are always in control - additional works required will be itemised with any safety issues taking precedence. The cost for additional labour and parts will then be estimated and approval to proceed obtained before any repairs are undertaken.


What happens if the additional works are not authorised? If the repairs/work required are safety or reliability related, a note will be made on your file or invoice that the recommendations were declined, and no further costs will be incurred.


R&M Marine Services – We look after your boat, so you can spend more time on the water.